We have the expertise in providing major visual effects for our clienteles spread across the world. We offer exceptional visual effects to our clientele across the globe. We have livewires and artisans with varied skill sets leveraging their rich experience in their respective fields. Committed leads and seniors to coordinate communicate and schedule productions.

State of art quality control to uphold consistency and top notch eminence. Teams are trained and pick up on the fly the dynamics to scale up and adapt to the changing landscapes and customer requirements. Global production infrastructure operating and meeting every aspect of professionalism, Data security, and technical measures. We set new yardsticks and touchstones transcending and exceeding customer expectations even in stringent timelines.

WHY AniTik VFX ?

AniTiK VFX Studios Pvt Ltd has been established for one purpose i.e. VFX outsourcing. Using a robust backend of talented artists and leading technologies paired with superb management, AniTik VFX’s clients enjoy unprecedented savings on their VFX outsourcing needs.

At AniTik VFX, we understand that collaboration plays a major role in achieving high quality feature films, commercials, conversions and full-fledged Rotoscoping production. Our creative professionals are highly trained to cope with multiple production paradigms, much like to say, we don’t take any of your corrections personal, we cut as often as you like as long as it yields the perfection on your materials that you crave for.